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Clothing with a sense of humor; They/Their Collection

Clothing, wares, apparel whatever you call it we have it. City centered clothing with a sense of humor are sourced and printed right here in the USA! Most of the clothing is cotton and all is considered unisex. We do put femme or masc fits on each description but who cares, it’s clothes!

Franklin Finery carries durable, comfortable, humorous, and expressive clothing. We encourage you to go out of your comfort zone for, well, comfort! Growth happens in those uncomfortable moments. Moments where we need to sit and think. Reflect. Why not make the environment in which you grow comfortable, and funny!

While our clothes are city centered even our friends in the cut will get a laugh. Racoons (trash pandas), Seagulls (sky Chickens), squirrels, and pigeons are all over. When was the last time you saw a critter being adorable, and ballsy?! Let us know for a chance to have it as out next design!